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    Good Marks Friday 7th Oct

    merit-awardees prep school children assembly


    Blue – 460

    Brown – 464

    Yellow – 468

    Well done to our Yellows! We must have had extra good behaviour, work and attitudes this week as you’ve come out on top! The children receive ‘good marks’ which tally up for their House Team (blue, yellow or brown). At the end of the week, we total all the points and see who has won the most points!



    Merits this week are now for ‘Respect’. The Value we focus on changes each month and for October, we will be giving good marks and merits for respectfulness. Teachers pick one child (sometimes two) from their class and give a reason as to why they are receiving a merit.


    This week, we had merits for children who are  very polite and have great manners. Even when teachers aren’t about! Always pays attention. Good listening. Being able to listen & respect opinions of others in the class – especially in philosophy. For being a pleasure to work with, being cooperative and helpful, completely respectful to the teacher. And for always showing respect to teachers and friends alike, being thoughtful towards others by giving them attention when they are speaking.

    We’re off to a very good start – looks like October will be a great month!





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    Good Marks Assembly 30th September

    Blue 508

    Brown 538

    Yellow 538


    Browns and Yellows were shocked to find the three commendations handed out this week tipped the scores and the two House Teams drew today on 538 points! Commendations were awarded for an excellent presentation and preparation of a show and tell and impressive work on a word solving problem.


    Merits: ‘Thoughtfulness’

    Our last week of thoughtfulness, but Mr Curl reminded us that just because we aren’t focusing on thoughtfulness, that we should forget to be thoughtful and think of others. Merits were given to pupils this week for offering to help a friend find something in class; helping to pack everyone’s bag on their table without being asked which really helped Mrs Gallagher; thinking of others when working and always being one step ahead to ask the teacher if they need help with anything; selflessly gave others a go on a game; helping a sibling on maths; always being there to offer help; being thoughtful and helpful towards their teacher in a PE lesson and lastly, offering support and advice to others on some programming work after she had finished her own.


    Swimming Medals for a Gala at the London Aquatics Centre were also awarded today. All 6 medals went to ONE pupil. Astonishing achievement, well done to our champion swimmer!


    National Hand Washing Day

    We will be entering a Competition to create own hand puppet! Miss Powell is taking the reins with the challenge to get us thinking about washing our hands and being cleaner, particularly in school. The competition asks us to make a hand puppet, the winner of which, will have their hand puppet produced and will go out to school for their soap dispensers.

    So, with that in mind, Miss Powell asks us to “make it interesting. Make it fun. What are we trying to say or remind people?”

    As part of the Global Hand Washing Day 2016, we are running a Hand Puppet Competition. All schools can enter by getting the pupils to design their own Hand Washing Champion puppet for the chance to win!


    The winner of the Hand Puppet Competition will receive a £100 book voucher. The winning Hand Puppet will be created on a bespoke dispenser which will be supplied to the school free of charge for all of their student washrooms.

    Be CREATIVE & have FUN 🙂

    The design needs to be on an A4 piece of paper. Submit entries to Miss Powell by Mon 17th October.




    To finish our assembly, we heard a gorgeous piece from our Flute Soloist:


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    Good Marks 23rd Sept

    House Team Points

    This week, our House Team leaders are the Yellows! Finishing on 547. Well done!

    Blue – 536

    Brown – 544

    Yellow – 547




    Merits this week are awarded for ‘thoughtfulness’.



    Children displayed thoughtful behaviour towards their peers and teachers. This week, merits were awarded for thoughtfulness in PE; helping a smaller member of the class carry a large box; when finished work, this person asked others if they needed help; selflessness – taking the blame for something they had nothing to do with, in order to help others and for always being thoughtful and caring towards peers.


    We then sang a lovely, calming hymn ‘Make Me a Channel of Your Peace’. A beautiful hymn that asks God to give us strength to love, be peaceful, to share and to give.


    Linking in with our theme of ‘thoughtfulness’, we watched a short clip on the Brownlee Triathlon. Ms Burgess asked the children to think about what the video showed us. They answered:

    • “Brotherly love”
    • “Looking out for his brother”
    • “He didn’t care if he didn’t win. He wasn’t thinking about winning but looking after his brother”
    • “Putting his brother first”
    • “He wanted to win but he was thoughtful, selfless and couldn’t leave his brother”


    Ms Burgess then asked “What happened at the finish line?” the children noticed that after the younger brother had run to the finish line, he made sure to push his brother in front of him, so that he came second in the race.  Ms Burgess then went on to say that “it is important for us to think of those around us, as sometimes people need our help more than we know. Also, putting others before you can often lead to a much greater sense of achievement and wellbeing, as we see how happy it can make someone else.”


    We finished with a prayer – “Heavenly Father, please help us to think of others around us, to be kind and thoughtful. Not do something because we want to do it, but to do it for the benefit of others. In your name. Amen”.


    “Have a nice calm and productive day. Let’s not get stressed but enjoy our day and do our very best!”



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    Good Marks Assembly 16.09.16

    Mr Curl started this week’s Good Marks Assembly by saying a “huge well done to our tour guides over this week’s Nursery Open Mornings. You have all been fantastic ambassadors!” Mr Manning, Year 6 teacher, added that “the guides were great examples to other pupils and also to our prospective parents – these young people are an asset to the school and show how very well rounded, polite and helpful they are. They all worked really hard!” Mr Curl finished by thanking everyone for 3 successful open mornings.


    Then, on to House Team points:-

    Blue – 590

    Brown – 582

    Yellow – 518


    We then moved onto the Value of the month, ‘Thoughtfulness’ and watched our school video to remind us how we can be thoughtful towards each other…




    Merits awarded for our Value:

    Year 1: Merit awarded to this person because they always help others without being asked

    Year 2: Merit badge goes out to this person beucase they are continuously looking out for others

    Year 3: This person is thoughtful and has the want to help others

    Year 4: For trying your best and put a lot of effort into their work this week, being thoughtful about their dedication to class work

    Year 5: We have a quote of the day in Year 5 and every morning, we discuss the quote. This person always thinks about the quote, breaks it down and puts their opinion to the class, something thoughtful and interesting each day!

    Year 6: This person changed his mind and went to choir for the greater good, to help out the choir and put others before his own choices. Mrs Phillips added that she was extremely proud and wanted to make sure this person knew how helpful his decision was to everyone else!


    Awards and Certificates

    • Grade 1 Flute with Merit
    • Swimming Level 3 Award
    • Infants Sports Trophy


    School Council

    Exciting news today for the School Council – today was election day and the new reps were announced! Before announcing the new Council, Ms Burgess asked us all what the School Council does? “It represents each class in meetings and school decisions”, “they organise events” and a key development from last year’s School Council, was the change of menu to focus on healthy eating and making healthy choices.


    Well done to our new reps! We’re looking forward to what changes, developments and decisions you’ll be making this year.


    New Developments

    Forest School will be working on a beautiful new mural for the junior and infant entrances at the front of our school and will be selecting a few drawings from our pupils, which will be incorporated into their design! The development is to link in with Forest’s Art and Community Action Awards, as well as creating a more inviting and colourful entrance for our children.

    This week, Wildlife Club researched, painted and drew some British Wildlife creatures, to be in with a chance of becoming part of the mural. If your child would like to enter a Wildlife painting – please enter before Wednesday 21st September! They must be finished in paint, felt tip or pastel. No pencil. Your critter also needs to fill the whole page (A4)! (Please ensure names and year groups are on the back). 

    Let’s get creative!



    The Dream Factory sent in a certificate for Summer Term’s fundraisings, we managed to raise £1052! Lots raised for our final term, well done and a huge thank you to our families who have helped make many dreams come true!


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    Last Assembly of the Year!

    The last assembly of the year… well the academic year! Lots of good marks, well dones and cheers for the winning House Team. Here’s our total good marks for the year:

    Blue 17,738

    Brown 17,436

    Yellow 16,983

    Well done to our Blues who smashed their way to the top with a humongous 17,738 points! What a fantastic result, so many good marks shows us how well our pupils have done throughout the year. We’re all very proud of how well our children have done!

    160712_SPS_Prize Giving-33

    Mr Curl then handed out book tokens for the 6 winners of the highest total number of Good Marks for this year. We hope you enjoy your new books!


    Mr Curl then asked us all what were some highlights from Prize Giving… 

    • “Amarillo”
    • “Singing”
    • “When I heard you call out my name”
    • “Wushy boo boo”
    • “When trophies were given out”
    • “All the great performances”
    • “When I got the Yoxall trophy”
    • “Cameron receiving his trophy, what a special moment. We were all so very proud and chuffed!”
    • “I was very proud of the singing!!”
    • “I enjoyed the Parents’ speech”

    160712_SPS_Prize Giving-58

    160712_SPS_Prize Giving-56

    More photos over on:

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    Good Marks Friday 8th July


    A huge well done to our six pupils who received the highest number of merits for the term! They have been brilliant role models, hardworking, supportive and positive pupils! They will each be awarded with a book token in our end of year ceremony as a well done for their achievement.


    End of Term Merits

    Year 1 received a class merit for continued support of one another throughout the term, linking nicely with our theme of ‘Unity’.

    FullSizeRender 2


    Year 2 also received a class merit. Miss Rimmer was very proud to announce that her children have really got on board with sport this term, they’ve done extremely well considering there were quite a few that didn’t enjoy sport at the beginning of the year. They have also shown real unity when playing sport, encouraging and supporting each other.

    FullSizeRender 3


    Year 3 ALSO received a class merit as they helped Ms Fourie in this week’s Nursery & Reception Sports Days. Ms Fourie was very grateful to have such a brilliant little team to help her so much throughout the event and said they all worked really hard and also worked really well together!

    FullSizeRender 4


    A Year 4 pupil broke the class merit award streak and was awarded a merit for being an all around excellent example of how to be united. United in class, sports, work, with friends – a fantastic role model to his peers!

    Year 5’s were awarded a merit each as they worked together really well in the last Paralympics Presentation this week, they worked to bring together their team, worked out problems and put together an interesting and well thought out presentation. Well done!

    And last, but certainly not least, our Year 6’s were awarded a class merit (in the words of Mr Manning), “obviously for their incredible performance last night. But also because they showed such incredible unity on Wednesday – which the rest of school will understand more at Prize Giving…”.

    FullSizeRender 5


    Final points for our House Teams for this term:

    Blues 6,134

    Browns 5,854

    Yellows 5,739


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    Sports Day & Snaresbrook Olympics

    From the Introduction given by our President, Ms Fourie, where we learned about the Values of Olympics and the History too.

    To the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday where we were picked for our Teams and answered a few questions in order to gain some points!

    THEN… onto the main event. Sports Day! What a fantastic event we all had, we’re very tired today though. The sun made an appearance; the day ran on time and we had lots of new activities this year, including blind running! A complete success and a really enjoyable day for all.

    We hope you had as much fun as we all did – here are some of the photos from yesterday’s Sports Day. Enjoy!






    More photos to come – please check our Social platforms:

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    Perseverance – Good Marks Assembly

    Blue 544

    Brown 567

    Yellow 572



    Merits this week, were awarded for perseverance. Year 1 pupils showed perseverance with work at home and at school and also in sport – falling off his scooter in a PE lesson and getting himself back together, being determined and finishing the scooter course. Ms Fourie was very proud! Awards were also given for persistence to learn and try hard at sports after a bad injury, Ms Rimmer mentioned how much progression her pupil had already made in her recovery!


    Ms Fourie gave merits to her Year 3 today, explaining “that although he’s not too keen on choir, he makes a very big effort to persevere and do his best”. Similarly, Mr Hawkins explained that “maths might not be the most favourite lesson, but she’s been making strong progress and I think that deserves a merit!”. Mr Manning, in Year 6, gave a merit for perseverance in checking their work, something that we all forget at times.



    Commendations this week were given from our Year 2 class. Miss Rimmer was really impressed with some work from her pupils who have been creating an imaginative Katie morag story.



    We also had two certificates to hand out for ‘Student of the week in Karate’ and a ‘Level 8 in Gymnastics’. Brilliant!



    Notes from Ms Burgess:

    • Please do wear hats to school if it’s sunny.
    • New bags are now available for Years 1 – 6 in the School Office for £8.


    Snaresbrook Prep School new school bag

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