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    Good Marks Assembly 18.09.15

    Well done to our Blue House for finishing on an excellent 537 points for this week! Lots of brilliant behaviour, positive attitudes and working hard. Commendations this week were awarded for outstanding behaviour; focused attitude and delivering work to be proud of and being an excellent team player! Well done boys & girls!

    Commendations House Team

    Merits ran under our theme of ‘Thoughtfulness’. Children who received a merit badge this week had paid particular attention to the needs of others – looking after friends when they are down; helping new children to settle in; being generally friendly and positive were amongst a few of the reasons this week. A very big well done to all our merit awardees!

    Merit awardees

    Mrs Foster and Ms Fourie thanked their football and netball teams for their hard work and enthusiasm last Saturday at the Chigwell Football Festival and Netball Rally!

    IMG_5133 Full Football Team w Ms Foster

    Lastly, Mr Curl took the time to thank our Year 6 Ambassadors for taking tours during this week’s Nursery Open Days. Mr Curl explained that we had many positive comments and praises about the Year 6 guides. Prospective parents left happy and well informed – Well Done to Year 6 for their help, time and positive attitudes this week.

    YR6 Ambassadors

  • Ms Burgess’ First Assembly as Deputy Head

    Today marks Ms Burgess’ first ever assembly as Deputy Head!

    Today Ms Burgess spoke about our theme of Thoughtfulness and thinking of others – she showed us a short video about thoughtfulness.

    The video showed that small acts of kindness and thinking of others is like a chain reaction. When someone smiles at us or helps us out, it makes us happy and in turn, we want to make others happy!

    Ms Burgess finished by asking us to close our eyes and think of how we can be thoughtful towards others today. A very positive way to start our Tuesday!

  • Great Ormond Street

    A lovely assembly this morning from Judy at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Judy told us that with our fundraising and donations, we are helping towards building and improving Great Ormond Street Hospital. Judy explained that with our help, money goes to building redevelopment, research, equipment and patient & family support.


    We then watched a short video which you can watch below:

    Judy then handed us a cheque to show how much we have raised since her last visit in February – a staggering £1,588.36! Judt then mentioned that to fundraise, you have to have fun. The word ‘fundraise’ starts with ‘fun’ and she hoped we had enjoyed all the activities we have taken part in to help raise money for GOSH. Judy also mentioned she had seen some pictures of our events and the pancake races looked especially exciting!


  • Tanni Grey-Thompson

    An inspiring assembly from Mrs Higgins this morning – linking in with our theme of Determination, Mrs Higgins asked us to think of who our favourite sports person was. Pupils said Usain Bolt, Andy Murray and some of their favourite footballers, all because of how good they are at what they do.

    Mrs Higgins then went on to tell us about the person she was thinking of. “She has broken more than 30 World Records. She’s won sixteen medals in the Paralympics… she has a university degree, and is a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire – an honour awarded to her by the Queen. So she must also be very active to have done all that.

    But… she’s in a wheelchair.

    Her name is Tanni Grey-Thompson and she is a wheelchair athlete.”

    Mrs Higgins told us how determination enables us to triumph at whatever we are willing to put our efforts into. The moral of today’s assembly is that we can do well in our aims and ambitions if we try to be dedicated, motivated and hard-working. We can do well if we are determined to do well!


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