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    Good Marks Assembly

    Ms Fourie welcomed the children into assembly on this bright but cold winters morning!

    The marks were read out clearly by three Year 6 children who were excited to hear the final results.

    It was a win this week to the BROWN house for all their hard work. Big congratulations were given to all children for their efforts this week.

    It was then time to ask staff and children to stand up if they were wearing their school house badge. Points were awarded to the houses that were wearing a badge. It was a win for browns!

    Ms Fourie reminded us that we should be wearing our badges every day!

    All the teachers from Year 6 down to Year 1 awarded one child in their class a special merit badge for ‘Enjoyment’ – our value of the week.

    Teachers spoke about why this badge should be awarded. It was lovely to hear that Ayami always has a smile on her face and thoroughly enjoys school. Isaac was awarded the badge for enjoying his Dance lesson and Charles was awarded the badge for not only his sewing skills in his DT project but the fact that he was enjoying the task and helping others.

    Also in his DT lesson, Hal was getting ‘immense enjoyment’ from designing his vehicle. Lily was awarded the badge for her enjoyment to school life.

    Finally Year 3 were awarded a class merit for their enjoyment of the ‘crime task’ this week. More details of this on our Facebook page. Click here.


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    Good Marks Assembly

    Brown team claimed the number 1 spot this morning beating the Yellow house by 10 points! The Blue team were unfortunately affected by absent children so let’s hope next week we see some really high scores!

    There were many merit badges awarded for perseverance this week which was really great to see.
    Mr Warren our new Computing teacher gave out his first award to Haaris.

    Well done to all the children for showing the value in their behaviour this week!

    Two children were given commendations for their excellent guitar playing by Mr Horn this week.

    Extremely well done to them!

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    Year 4 Assembly

    Year 4 held today’s assembly on Charles Dickens and the Victorian era.

    One girl said “it was great to prepare the assembly and I really enjoyed it, it was so much fun!” One boy said “it was really fun because it was the first time that we had performed a scene from a play in an assembly, in front of the rest of the school. We even wanted to perform it all again afterwards but we didn’t have an audience!!”

    The children all spoke clearly to the rest of the school and Ms Kehoe was very proud of them!

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    Good Marks Assembly

    After Yellow house just ‘pipping’ Brown by 3 points last week, Blues have done the same to Yellow house today!

    Lots of merit awards today too, so many celebrations on the perseverance of the children in their lessons, especially Maths!

    Well done everyone, nice work!

    We love to praise the children weekly using the Snaresbrook values and often give out a ‘wildcard’ for any value below observed in school.

    It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge the children’s behaviour on a regular basis and to recognise and award positive doings. Keep up the good work Snaresbrook. We are proud of each and everyone of you!

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    Good Marks Assembly

    An assembly full of awards, certificates and recognition today. A wonderful end to the week. Yellow House were the winning team this week just ‘pipping’ Browns by 3 points!

    Two of these children received awards for their music ability and one for coming 3rd in 1km charity run!

    Many staff gave out ‘Sharing‘ merit badges today with some additional wildcards!
    2 children were given out Year 1 ‘wildcards’ for Learning this week – well done to those!
    In Year 2 again 2 children worked together in literacy and were given the merit for Sharing.
    In Year 3 one child had brought in reading books from home and shared these with others which was lovely and a merit was awarded for this. Sharing knowledge was the feature in Year 4  and sharing ideas with each other and the class in Year 5.
    An additional ‘Confidence‘ award was given to a child for great reading out loud in class and then the whole of Year 6 received a ‘Perseverance‘ award for their exam prep up to date.

    Great work everyone!

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    Good Marks Assembly

    A great start to the new year for the Blue House. After only 3 days the Blue Team raced ahead with a score of 165, closely followed by Brown with 153 and 141 from the Yellow House. Fortunately for the Blue Team they have all been in school so all the children in the house added to the great score!

    We start the new year continuing with the same value as we had at the end of last term. SHARING! Mr Wilson was ‘delighted’ with the one child in his class and gave a wild card out for ‘perseverance of reading’.

    Miss Evans told a lovely story about a child in her class who shared the art resources yesterday.

    A member of staff  observed a child in the playground, giving up their coat for an injured child to sit on, as the bench was wet. What a lovely gesture! This child was given a merit badge along with a Year 6 child for sharing their ‘knowledge’.

    Two children received certificates for their recent music exams. An fantastic well done to those pupils.



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    Good Marks Assembly


    New focus for our merits this week, fitting in nicely with the Christmas spirit – we move onto “sharing”!

    Some lovely reasons included ‘always sharing answers and helping out other pupils with class work’, Year 6 were awarded a class merit for ‘sharing their time with the residents at Manor Court Lodge, in this week’s visit’ and our Year 1 received a merit award for ‘sharing not only her time, but her help, generosity and friendship – looking after a new pupil to the class!’


    Santa’s Little Helpers snuck in on Friday to help decorate the hall! The roaring fire and beautiful hand made Christmas cards really set a Christmassy tone – big thank you to Snaresbrook Staff for the Festive Transformation!

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    Good Marks Assembly

    Well done to our Yellows who have had a running streak for the past two weeks! The team finished again in top place after a mere 5 point lead. Our Blues came up second and Browns finished with only a couple of points behind. Mrs Chiverrell was proud of the scores this week and noted that the children must all have stepped up their games to achieve such great points.


    Only one commendation this week which was awarded for a fantastic piece of work from our Year 2 pupil, who had been learning about the Arctic. Mrs Chiverrell pointed out the focus and care that had been taken to produce such an exemplary piece of work!

    The last week of our “excellence” focus for merits, next week we will be moving onto “sharing”, to tie in nicely with Christmas. Lots of merits handed out this week – almost two awarded from every year group! That must mean we’re doing our very best. Our Year 1 was awarded a merit for showing “astounding developments from the beginning of term, till now and showing excellence all round, a model student!”.

    Year 2 have been learning about the continents in Geography and was awarded a class merit from Ms Evans, who was really impressed with the teamwork they displayed and excellent organisational skills to get their assembly ready. As well as the confidence showed during their assembly. 

    Year 3 awarded a merit for a excellent piece of English writing. Year 4 “this student made an amazing sarcophagus for their History project”. Our Year 5s were awarded a merit badge for “excellent behaviour – both getting their workspace and themselves ready for the next tasks!”. Last but not least, our Year 6s were awarded merits for “creating excellent methods of working out maths problems – up to a Year 9 standard.”


    Big well done to our pianist for reaching Grade 1!