Staff at Snaresbrook Prep aim to cultivate a caring family atmosphere in which children feel secure and valued. Many members of the team have been at Snaresbrook for over 10 years and we believe this gives us a strong center, with long standing knowledge and experience to best help our pupils thrive.

We now have in place a management team with clear responsibilities for three distinct areas of school life – academic, pastoral and administrative. Sub-teams focussed around each area will work together and with the Head in the best interests of the children and the school. The management team staff are:

  • The academic sub-team, with responsibility for Curriculum Development is: Mr Manning and Ms Kehoe. In addition Mr Manning manages assessments and Ms Kehoe is our Special Education Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo).
  • The pastoral sub-team is: Ms Fourie as Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL); Ms Griffiths in charge of KS2 pastoral matters and timetabling; Mrs Mathison in charge of KS1 pastoral matters and Head of EYFS.
  • The administrative sub-team is: Ms Rampat as Bursar and Mrs Redding as Office Manager.

Head – Mr Dalton