House Teams

  • Good Marks Assembly

    Starting today’s assembly, Mr Curl was on fashion watch… Mrs Williams’ retail therapy didn’t go unnoticed. Her brand new trainers were the talk of the town school, with a whole school approval we applauded Mrs Williams’ purchase (much to her embarrassment! Sorry Mrs Williams!)

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    Another winning week for our Brown team, finishing on 594 points this week! Although, Gerald the Giraffe on the Orange team was sure his team won… Mr Curl told him to “leaf it out”.


    No commendations this week, but merits went out for determination in lesson and determination to complete a 5K run! Class merits went out to Year 5 for determination to succeed in class subjects as a whole and Year 3 were also awarded a class merit for determination to work together as a group to overcome anger and frustrations between pupils in order to become friends. Mrs Mathison was very impressed with their maturity, courage and persistance to move past being angry and move towards frienship. Very admirable attitude Year 3!


    Mr Curl then awarded (for the first time in Snaresbrook Prep History) two merits to staff members. The merit awards went to Mrs Fykin and Mrs Mathison for determination to succeed in their lessons and classes whilst covering for the class teachers. Well done Mrs Fykin & Mrs Mathison!!


    Miss Rimmer and Mrs Alderson then showed us some work from Year 4. They have been reading a book “The Land Of Neverbelieve” by Norman Messenger, which is a fictional story of a land full of weird and wonderful creatures. Year 4 read about the super-fantastic trees and have made their own. We had a pencil tree, a burger tree, a book tree and a pet tree (amongst other brilliant creations), so you can pull off a pet or a pencil if you needed one and a new one will grow back! Brilliant work Year 4, very creative!


    To finish assembly we caught up with the Yeaar 6 Shropshire blog and had the chance to look through some pictures!

    Please go to our Facebook to see pictures from Shropshire.

    Have a fantastic weekend all – safe journey home to Year 6, Mr Roberson & Ms Fourie.

  • Good Marks Assembly

    This weeks House Team winners are Brown on a whopping 685 points. Brilliant work Browns!

    Commendations this week were for building a brilliant model of Big Ben in their spare time; exemplary behaviour and always doing their best and excellent writing and reasons for making a choice.

    Merits this week were awarded for overcoming fears to progress in gymnastics; determination to get around the school meanwhile using crutches; determination and kindness whilst at school and being very helpful with Year 6 play, offering brilliant input and ideas throughout
    We also saw a few photos from our Whole School Outing yesterday – more to come later on today!