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    Good Marks Assembly

    A great start to the new year for the Blue House. After only 3 days the Blue Team raced ahead with a score of 165, closely followed by Brown with 153 and 141 from the Yellow House. Fortunately for the Blue Team they have all been in school so all the children in the house added to the great score!

    We start the new year continuing with the same value as we had at the end of last term. SHARING! Mr Wilson was ‘delighted’ with the one child in his class and gave a wild card out for ‘perseverance of reading’.

    Miss Evans told a lovely story about a child in her class who shared the art resources yesterday.

    A member of staff  observed a child in the playground, giving up their coat for an injured child to sit on, as the bench was wet. What a lovely gesture! This child was given a merit badge along with a Year 6 child for sharing their ‘knowledge’.

    Two children received certificates for their recent music exams. An fantastic well done to those pupils.



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    Winter Sports Day at Redbridge

    Winter Sports Day at Redbridge Sports Centre – always a brilliant afternoon for the children, who get a chance to do netball, trampolining, badminton and football.
    Brilliant team work in the netball matches today, with lots of skilled passes and forward thinking.
    Trampoliners were working on their tucks, pikes and high jumps. Whilst the badminton group were working on how to throw and bat.
    High energy and fast paced game from the footballers. Great work from everyone today!

    More photos of the afternoon on Facebook and vids on YouTube!

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    Good Marks Assembly

    Well done to our Yellows who have had a running streak for the past two weeks! The team finished again in top place after a mere 5 point lead. Our Blues came up second and Browns finished with only a couple of points behind. Mrs Chiverrell was proud of the scores this week and noted that the children must all have stepped up their games to achieve such great points.


    Only one commendation this week which was awarded for a fantastic piece of work from our Year 2 pupil, who had been learning about the Arctic. Mrs Chiverrell pointed out the focus and care that had been taken to produce such an exemplary piece of work!

    The last week of our “excellence” focus for merits, next week we will be moving onto “sharing”, to tie in nicely with Christmas. Lots of merits handed out this week – almost two awarded from every year group! That must mean we’re doing our very best. Our Year 1 was awarded a merit for showing “astounding developments from the beginning of term, till now and showing excellence all round, a model student!”.

    Year 2 have been learning about the continents in Geography and was awarded a class merit from Ms Evans, who was really impressed with the teamwork they displayed and excellent organisational skills to get their assembly ready. As well as the confidence showed during their assembly. 

    Year 3 awarded a merit for a excellent piece of English writing. Year 4 “this student made an amazing sarcophagus for their History project”. Our Year 5s were awarded a merit badge for “excellent behaviour – both getting their workspace and themselves ready for the next tasks!”. Last but not least, our Year 6s were awarded merits for “creating excellent methods of working out maths problems – up to a Year 9 standard.”


    Big well done to our pianist for reaching Grade 1!


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    Good Marks Assembly

    This week’s House Team winners are the YELLOWS! Lots of points this week, we had massive numbers from our teams so that means lots of great behaviour, focus and determination in class and excellence overall.

    Commendations were awarded mainly for class work – “writing a really good Grimm tale”, “demonstration of excellence across the board” and “excellent changes in behaviour, attitude and work from beginning of term to now”.

    Merits this week were awarded for “excellence”. Year 3 gained a class merit for their fantastic work collectively on a history project, whilst our other pupils were awarded merits for displays of excellent behaviour, excellent work ethic, excellent attitude around school and towards peers and staff, as well as being an excellent role model!

    Mrs Chiverrell pointed out how well our Year 1s have been doing and brought to our attention how high their merit scores have been for the past few weeks. “Our Year 1 class has showed excellent focus, excellent attention and behaviour, excellent work ethic and have been excellent role models, something which we can all learn from! Although sometimes their work is extremely hard, they never give up! I have walked past their classroom plenty of times recently to see them sitting with such focus and really engaging with their teacher. We can all learn a lot from our Year 1s attitude at school, we must find that determination, drive and focus so that we may progress and do our best. Very well done to them.”


    Our Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the annual Primary Maths Challenge. We’d like to say Congratulations & a big WELL DONE to all our marvellous Mathematicians standing proudly with their gold, silver and bronze PMC Maths certificates in today’s Good Marks Assembly!

    Ms Griffiths added, “we are all really proud of the effort the children put in and great work to those who won bronze, silver and gold. We’re looking forward to hearing back from Primary Maths Challenge whether anyone has progressed to the next round!”

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    Sports Day – 29.6.17


    Once again our Sports Day event was a great success! Ms Fourie and her team led the children from activity to activity providing encourage and support. Mr Manning delivered an entertaining monologue of events whilst the children showed support and encouragement to one another. It was a full team effort from everyone!


    These are just a few of the many photos taken on the day – more will be on social media over the next few days!

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    Sports Day 2017

    Tomorrow is Sports Day and we are crossing our fingers that it’s going to be a dry one! For the first time ever the sports day scores will be available online. You can access the scores by clicking this link. You can also download the ‘Snaresbrook Prep’ app from the App Store & Google Play Store. From within the app you can find the programme and the live scores.